We believe in a holistic concept of wellness — that health has a foundation in mind, body, and spirit. We work with you to personalize how you think about and approach physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Through a combined approach with packages, or coaching on individual aspects, we can create a plan that results in a healthier you.


general Health & Wellness

Where are you at with your health? How did you get there? Where do you want to be? We’ll help you answer these questions, set goals, and a step by step plan to get there. A healthy lifestyle is fairly simple, but not necessarily easy. We’ll get you on your way, and get you through the tough spots with regular in-person meetings, Skype or phone calls, or email conversations that work with your schedule. Cost: $50/session


Paleo/Primal Lifestyle

The modern food industry is built around efficiency, speed, and profit — it has little to do with health. Paleo/Primal is a diet based on eating types of foods that early humans consumed and evolved for — whole foods such as vegetables, fish, meat and fruit. We’ll help you understand the basics and how to get started with grocery shopping, meal plans, and preparation. Cost: $50/session

“I began taking barre classes with Dianne over a year ago, and my overall health and wellness has never been better! I wasn't overly out of shape when I started but Dianne's teaching helped me develop muscle strength and toning that I've never previously had. I'm so glad I took that first step and signed up for Dianne's barre class!”
— Sarah Massmann

Personal fitness

How many times have you started an exercise plan with great intentions, only to lose steam after a few weeks? Being accountable to a coach is a great way to stick with your plan until it becomes a healthy habit. With built-in assessments and support, we’ll track your progress and make adjustments along the way, every step of the way. Young or old, already fit or just beginning—it’s never too late to start. Cost: $50/session


FAMILY & Children’s nutrition

How does your family think about food? What ideas and beliefs have you consciously (or unconsciously!) passed on to your children? We’ll help you understand how food is energy and how it affects your body in positive and negative way, and help you teach these important concepts to your family. We also offer more individualized coaching for children who may be having food or weight issues. Get the ideas in place while they are young, and they have the best chance for a long, healthy life! Cost: $50/session

“Working with Dianne and Scott was a fantastic experience! Every workout was well thought out, planned and maximized for the quickest results. Modifications were given for all levels which kept things fresh, new and challenging. The importance of overall wellness created a true lifestyle change for me and I can’t say enough positive things about this dynamic duo!”
— Nina Zeleny

Personal Fitness Chef

“Diet” has become a dirty word. It means restriction, unhappiness and failure. The Paleo/Primal diet is just the opposite — it can open up a whole new world. You can eat good food, enjoy it and be healthier, you just need to change the way you think about fueling your body. Get regular meals, or plan a special event, and start a new relationship with food. Cost: varies


Every person is different, every plan is different. Let’s talk about what you need to start building a healthy you.